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F-80C Shooting Star Czech Model kit, i must be nuts.

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Little more progress. Bench time is at a premiums, did manage to get the panel line wash down and cleaned off. Don't know if i'll do much more than this as far as weathering, most pics i see show a small amount of wear and tear on the aircraft.








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My add a bit more weathering in the form of oil staining, otherwise that's it. Today i found some time to work on the build, attached the seat, and all the gear work. Let it dry, watching the drags on tv, good times.... set the build down on the gear 



Well. Darn.....

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I have to say, after i posted i noticed i left the tailpipe and gun barrels off....man, there's a lot i didn't do on this thing. Don't know how/why i could get so much wrong with the build.... Weathering is conservative, i like how the colors stand out. Not sure what i'll build next, hopefully something that has better fit/engineering.





I just found the joystick while cleaning up.....

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