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Hi Brehnen


Absolutely great build, for me you found exactly the right colors for the IAF, wich colors did you use?



Thank you Serge. I used a combination of IAF paint sets. The main one I used was Ammo's IAF desert colors set (A.Mig 7200). I used the light compass ghost grey, middlestone and tan colors from that set. For the light green I used Hataka green out of their IAF desert aircraft from the 1970's set (as-12). Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble with this paint. No matter what I thinned it with I had horrible clumping inside the airbrush that made spraying and clean up very difficult. I believe I have an early batch of the paint, and I have since read that Hataka have changed their formula, so this may no longer be an issue. Hopefully not, because they have some really nice sets and the colors lookedaccurate.

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Really nice! I also really like the base! How did you make the tarmac on the base?




Hi Alan, thanks for the comment. The tarmac was printed from a website that provides scale files for ship decks and tarmacs. There is a link to the site in the original post. There are some really nice designs on the site, and the designer has provided them for free.


Thanks again!

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Thanks Bill and Eagle, very appreciated!


I also wanted to give a quick update on the Hataka paints I was critical of in an earlier post. I emailed Hataka about the problem and they have offered to replace the sets that I have to make sure I have the new formula. It is always nice to have a company take customer service seriously and do what is needed to fix an issue. I'm hopeful that the new paints will be much easier to work with.

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