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Klinkity-Klank. Finished a Tank 23/07/17

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Another second-hand buy been in my stash for a coupla months:




The only decal option is "unknown unit Eastern Front 1943"  Not overly plussed with that, but we'll see what kind

of decals we can find in the stash later.


Assembled the chassis, used Sharpies for the rubber, and did some streaking and an oil wash.  Pastels for dust and detailing the Fruils before moving on to the superstructure.  Turret is basically completed but not painted or pictured.




Thanks for looking!



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Thank you for stopping by and thank you fire your kind words. Good google with the ISU.


Whether the Tamiya our theDragon is better would depend on your viewpoint I guess. If I had my eighteen year old eyes and hands, the Dragon kit would be wonderful. Alas, many of the fine parts now fit into the nuisance category.


On Tamiya's favour is the poly cap system, ease of build, good detail, and the inclusion of a figure. Pick your poison. Except for the old style poly tracks, I can't say I've ever been disappointed by them.



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Oh, this is not an ISU part. This is the inside of the drivers visor of a Pz. IV tank, minus the armored glass :ninja:


My own photo, made while sitting on the drivers seat of the tank. OK, not during WW2, but last year  :D



- dutik

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