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Planet Models XF5U Flying Pancake

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Is that a clean and organized bench too Carl?

It sort of is at the moment Michael. I'm still trying to figure out where to put some stuff but it's less crowded than the old one. Here's a bigger view.



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He's back!! Yay! Hope everything went well with the renovations...



Thanks Richard! It does feel good to get back. The renos went well. We have a new garage which means all our bikes can go in it along with the car(s). The kitchen is completely redone and we added a powder room too. A bit over budget and late but well worth it which my wife agrees. Although she stipulated that I can't set up a workshop in the garage though.

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Like I said above, the bench is back to normal...




I started painting and assembling the two props.




In an attempt to get the pitch to match, I glued on the forward most pair of props first using a prop jig.




Then I moved it up and glued on the rear set of blades.




Now to do the second one.


While that was drying, I started work on the vac canopy.






The fit isn't bad which was nice.


I think I might just finish this by the deadline...



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Great work! I may have missed it, but is this going to be a what-if scheme?

Thanks Brian! Yup, it's going to be a What-if scheme. I'm basing it a bit on the yellow cowls that VF-84 had on their Corsairs, hence the yellow prop bases.

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