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Anigrand KC-10 Crashed during SOLO flight, I HATE THIS MODEL

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Man, you have patience! Good job with the fuselage.



Thanks Gaz, I don't know if it's patience  or I have to get it done. It is part of a collection being done for the museum I work at Barksdale AFB.

I have this and a Hasegawa B-47 to finish by the second week of March.

So what was the Radioactive half-life of Cobalt -Thorium G again Dr.?Thanks


your persistence is paying off!

Thanks Shawn, Gotta move ahead...Failure is not an Option!


Go git 'em brother, go git 'em. Slap this thing into submission if you must, but it WILL submit.


I'll be doing the same with my hideous Amodel An-8.

Slap it, twist it, clamp it into submission!


Here, these may be easier:



You may have the right idea Jesse, one of my club members offered a tree branch the other day. :hmmm: 


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Thank You Teresa,  Good to hear from y'all!!


   I think I have pretty much beat the fuselage into submission.

Now comes the L/G doors, Boomer's station and cockpit canopy.

Re-scribing a few vertical panel lines on the right rear 1/4 that I 

filled so I could match up the halves. Oh and the Blue Angel Towel my wife brought from her vacation with her Bro& Sis to Pensacola3lVuYwb.jpg1kbRRow.jpgOiqwKCR.jpgInBbpmA.jpgMAoT0HQ.jpg3kGd1rD.jpg

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Thank You Michael,   Believe me....This is a "Failure is Not an Option" build for the museum I work.

So keeping with THE FAITH, I press on!!  Carefully think out my options while fitting  parts and see

how much work there is on the wings and engine intake seams........ :hmmm:  :doh:  :frantic:  :help:  :deadhorse:  :oops: 





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     Thank You Gaz,

     I think Anigrand should include a heat gun in their kits.

   I can't see getting all of these issues fixed with hot water.

   I bought my gun to bend acrylic rod for my in- flight displays.

   I also have an Anigrand Martin Seamaster that will need it too.

   Now to work on closing the landing gear doors........YEE-HAW!!!!



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