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Wilhelm Hipperts Jasta 74 "Mimmi"

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This one is all about the MoJo!  Restoring it to be exact.................and the two previous projects on the bench both came to a hault for different reasons. (Extra 330 has a cracked canopy and no replacement in site, and the Me-163 Diorama project is a MoJo killer and needed something less complex)


I calculated I really havnt done ANY modeling in 5 or 6 months at least. The bench was a compete disaster. I spent a full day just cleaning the modeling room, the bench and the Artograph paint booth up. WELL worth my time, as it does a OCD/AMS/ADD body good to see a fully cleansed modeling room!!








I figured that the best way to regain the modeling MoJo was a build that would be great looking, fit great, fairly simple, easy to finish, great OOB and not require much in the way of AM.

One of Sir Peters kits really was one of the only things to come to mind, and since I have 0 D.VIIs in my display cabinet, and 3 or 4 in the stash, I figured I should break a WnW bi-wing Fokker out. I looked over all the schemes, and none of the OOB schemes really tripped my trigger, but I really didnt want to purchase any AM for this one, just so I could stay on track with getting the modeling juices flowing again.

I wasnt going to add ANY AM at all until a PM from our vary own DeanKB, who generously offered to let me try some Aviattic lozenge decals!   YAY! Very excited for this one, as I have never used them, but heard nothing but great things. Sooooooooooooooo that meant I had to have  scheme with lozenge top and bottom wing.......

Thats when I found Wilhelm Hipperts Jasta 74mount "Mimmi".  

In the end, hopefully to end up something like this:









I know there are 32nd decals out there for this Fokker, but in keeping with the no AM theme, I busted out the Silhouette cutter and made up a "Mimmi" paint mask:








Then, I whipped up a sheet of 9.5mm checkers, and will paint the fuse white, apply them all, then remove every other one to paint on the black part:








The other crux to all this is that Wilhelm Hipperts machine was a Fokker D.VII "F".   The high altitude F model is one of the few Fokker kits I DONT have in my stash.....................so, Ill be using the WnW Fokker D.II (Fok) as a base for Mimmi:








And, with a quick trip to the WnW site, a "High Altitude" BMW IIIa sprue for the Fokker D.VIIF arrived on my doorstep:








I am planning on adding a few extras, as mentioned above the Aviattic lozenge decals, my own paint masks, and as seen in actual pics, I think I may also add Hippert's primitive oxygen delivery system as well. From pics, it basically just bolted/stapped onto the side of the plane:








Now that Ive got where I need to be with the F sprue, getting all the masks completed, and finally clearing out the modeling room, Im heading out of town for a camping trip.   :rolleyes:.  lol, oh well, at least Im where I need to be to start, and we only have two days (returning Sunday) so Ill have Sunday after 2 PM, as well as all of Monday for a good start.


Cheers til then!

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Guest Smitty44

Go get 'em Brian!! It is really quite difficult to just build a kit as it is, isn't it? I am going OOB for the NATS, keeping my first competition simple, and it's killing me! I am finding myself paying alot more attention to basic details though without having any flashy aftermarket around.

 I really want to build a Fokker and am pondering pulling the trigger on one for my b day in a couple weeks, but I have to find me a darker...no so flashy scheme. Bright colors are not my thing, but I may just have to deal. I look forward to seeing this beauty in the flesh.   Smitty

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Looks like a fun project Brian. It took a few years and I finally broke down and ordered a couple D-VII's from HLJ recently. I also split a trio Albatross kit with a couple buddies. Looking forward to your progress with interest. Thanks for sharing.



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Cleaning benches and or room make overs can really get the juices going. Looks like you have a good balance and wonderful kit to get crackin' again. Well done. WnW should advertise on the boxes "Great for Mojo restoration" . 

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Thanks again fellas. We got back in from our camping trip last night instead of this afternoon.


It was a fun, but it was 91F/32C the entire time, and the park we went to did not have trails marked well at ALL, so we did a LOT of unplanned hiking/walking.


On the bright side I for h8me to find my order of 10 MRP paints!


I'll be getting a fresh start on the D.VII today!

Updates soon.

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Looking forward to your start my friend!

Everybody seems to be fired up using the silhouette lol, i am going to paint all of the AEG sharkmouth marking too.... wasting my time on layovers working on the vector files...



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Shaka, Karim, thanks for looking in on me!  I DID actually get a good start on the D.VII over Sunday and Monday. Ive been letting some of the paint for the pit dry, whilst I glued other parts that needed to set, like the wings.


I just have to take some pics of the work up to this point.  Ill take those tonight and share as soon as I can.


Thanks again for looking in on me, and pictures SOON, I promise. 

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