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Thomas Lund

Revell Ju88A-1 converted to a C-6 via AIMS bits etc

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Bought this Ju88A-1 when it first came out - embarrassingly many years ago - and found that the A-1 really didn't do it for me. So I decided to get some bits from AIMS to covert it to a C-6, the 'famous' one with fake glass nose




So... that was allright but I seriously underestimated the challenge of changing the A-1 flat one gun rear canopy to a A-4 type bulged two gun canopy and so it stalled.


Some years back I got my hands on a L'Arsenal conversion to the canopy but it really didn't make it take off.


I hope it will now...


Here is how it looks today



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Glad to see she did not meet that fate Thomas! Love the C-series 88's, and I am looking forward to see you save her. This group build is an awesome topic, and I just went looking through the stash to see what has been stalled......yikes.

Looks like I am going to need to make a list...... :doh:

Looking forward to your next update!

THOR    :ninja:

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It looks to me that you are nicely into the build. The Ju-88 is one of my favorites. I will be watching your build vicariously as this is one of the variants I actually decided not to build. Hmmm. Maybe I should drag out my "A-4 Torp build. I will have to train my airbrush to do the wavy camouflage.



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Guest DeanKB

Those AIMS kits really need a whole lot of work & determination, worth it in the end though.

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Irritated about the ailerons on my Ki-45 I decided to do something to my Ju88


Since I started from an A-1 I created some problems for myself - the canopy and engine nacelles, which I have stolen from an A-4 kit I bought for later conversion into a Ju88G og a Ju188. But one thing was not so simple. On the back of later models Ju88's there is the embedded direction finder antenna which was not on the A-1. I couldn't steal that from the A-4 kit since it would be needed, so I cast a copy - here seen with guide flaps for alignment in the fuselage




A great big hole was cut






And it was dropped in




Gaps filled with chunks of styrene and superglue and then sanded flush




And then a layer of Tamiya surface primer to check for flaws - still a few to fix but overall ok



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