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Thomas Lund

Tigger (ID Models) Ki-45 Nick Vac - DONE !!!!!

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Ok I admit it... I've actually had a lot of fun doing these gear legs. Yes... I wish they were neater, more true, straight etc etc, but I'm fairly satisfied, especially being the first in this genre










I am rapidly running out of excuses for not finishing the sanding...

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Ok, tail feathers are on and the very much NOT tamiya fit is jammed full of styrene and soaked in CA. Still a lot of sanding to do - it seems that every time I think I'm done, I find something new to fix...




I've started doing the flaps, flap wells, rudder, aileron and elevators. I need to go get some more Evergreen tomorrow to do the flaps as I want them.


But It's actually getting closer... I never thought I'd see the day

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I've gotten in a couple of good modeling evenings lately - very nice :-)


First up is the control surfaces, here the elevator. Styrene core with tamiya tape ribs, sealed with tamiya white primer




Then the flap wells - the ribs. Drawn in CAD, printed and mounted on styrene and then cut out





And mounted in the well. The well looks a bit shabby because i had to scrape off some primer to get the plastic to glue properly





And finally with the flap mounted



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Absolutely floored by the work you're doing!! Great stuff so far, and something completely different! Very brave to choose a vacform...although you're making it look like a Tamiya kit!



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Wasn't really happy with the elevators I did,  so I re-did them. Also I found a forgotten source that told me the rib detail I had made was wrong... Also worked on the rudder that only needs final clean-up




But I've had some problems with the ailerons since they are a very much more complex construction since the wing changes thickness across the length. I've started two pairs and discarded them and now I've started the third pair - lets see where that ends up




I added some hinges to the aileron area and it required some serious sanding. Not often I have to go to the shed to get this kind of tool



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