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paul fisher

The Spad is out of the Bag....A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider conversion

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Ok, gents! Here we go again.....I am going to try and post a few pictures of our fat faced friend to make up for lost time.I sure hope the bums at Photobucket have gone through as much hell as we have....I hope their pizza is stale and their coffee cold...Forever!


First up, and over view of the conversion:




That's not all of it, but you get the idea.All variants of the wide body were configured differently inside the cockpit and cabin, so there will be a conversion for the USAF A-1E up first, with the correct dual control and just some seats for the back if you want to add them.Yankee extraction units were fitted to most USAF two seaters so these will be included too.


Don't let the canopy scare you...I make them out of individual panels so if I screw one up in scribeing or polishing I don't bin the whole thing.Smart, huh? and while it will be an assembly it won't be the jigsaw puzzle you see here.


The belly is a simple slip on panel, and the interior will load up from underneath before you glue it up.I am including a proper cowling since I hate the one Turmpeter did, looks like a pill bottle to me. You can use their engine , tails, wings and such although the conversion will have parts to alter the wheel wells and gear door, etc.Harold at AMS makes cool wheels and props, and I hear Barracudacast is doing a prop too so you will be spoiled for choice on that!

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Next some other pics that PB sent into the cosmos......Grrrr


This is just a general view of the form, before I got started into the weeds...There is an AMAZING amount of detail difference between the single and multi place  Spads, like all projects this one is trying to eat me, but I digress...






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Here's some details...The interior of the multi place Spad has never really been modeled all the way, there's big sheet metal heater ducts along both sides, the metal is stamped with dimples to prevent oil-canning, part of a fairly hefty fuselage bulkhead in the middle and other details yet to be added.




You can see part of the main cabin bulkhead too as well as consoles and Douglas type seats.These need cushions before they're done.In the electronic warfare variants the back end can be home to one or two operators and various differing suites of big black boxes and scopes. This will mean a few different sets of interiors, and decals so things will be split into USAF and US Navy / Marines issues so you get what you need .


All this electronic stuff was vaccuum tube technology, I don't suppose the GIB needed that heater a whole lot of the time!


Below are the front and rear canopy hatches in progress, I make the masters in the gray resin so I can read the surfaces better, it's hard to see in the pic, but the clear sections of these hatches were " blown" and so they blimp up inside their respective frames a bit, a real nightmare to capture in miniature, but essential to the look of the final model.These will be polished out further, then the framing will be added in primer to create more of an edge to help you paint them, then a dip in  Future, then molding for casting in clear.




That's all for now...I expect to be done with the masters and going into production tooling before the end of this month, at which time I will start taking orders .decals are in the works, but I don't know yet when they will be back from print, the first sheet is USAF ships, Bernie Fisher's plane, and a few ships in three tone SEA camo. Price is going to about a C-Note.


Thanks for your patience with the PB disaster, 



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So, if first up is the A-1E, what is the best base kit? Are you any better off with the cheaper Trumpeter kit? This is a conversion to do a kit I frankly thought I'd never see, but so was the RF-8. Great job and many thanks Paul.


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the set is configured to snap onto the trumpeter wing and tails, you can get their kit for 60 to 70 clams online, the nicer Z-m kit is about 150 and the conversion nukes just about all the boo boos Trumpy made with their fuselage.It just made sense to work with the less expensive donor kit since we all want to build two or three of these beasties!!!!

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