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paul fisher

The Spad is out of the Bag....A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider conversion

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Just ordered, don't know why I drug my feet and didn't do it earlier. Question though, did the AD-5 have any armor between the main gear? So what would be the best donor kit, the Trumpeter AD-4 or the AD-1J, assuming it has the armored belly? Thanks.


The AD-5 armor was a bit different because of the relocation of some engine accessories. See http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2017/08/douglas-ad-5-armor.html

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Good morning Gents!


I have just been advised by Cartograf that our decals for the Navy AD-5 will be delayed another 2-3 weeks due to a glitch with their printing process, which they are working on.


I know a lot of you are itching to get to work on your model, so if you want us to ship it without the decals  we can start Monday.Decals will be mailed to you as soon as they arrive under separate cover at no additional charge. Just pm me, or shoot me an email to let me know .



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Hey Paul!


Tried to send you a PM, but was informed that you cannot receive more messages.

I'll take the conversion kit now, and wait for the decals.


Stein M

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Posted (edited)

So....making lemonade...


You may recall that my grandson Adrian got into the shop unsupervised, and my painstakingly built and painted  USAF Spad suffered a high velocity impact with the concrete floor.


Anyway, I tried in vain to repair her, but there were just too many chips and cracks to save the paint job. So, in the spirit of Spads, I decided to rebuild her, but in an earlier life as a rag-dragger from VU-1, based at Barbers Point NAS around 1952.


I have a sort of sentimental connection to Barbers Point, for the last 8 years my son and his wife have been in the USAF stationed on O'ahu, they were lucky enough to find a house up Makakilo about 1200 feet above  Ewa beach, and Barbers Point. It has been my privilege to go over once a year and do nothing, but sit on the lanai and watch the planes on short finals to Hickam, and Honolulu Airport.If you have ever been self-employed, you know what it means to spend a week doing nothing.


In researching the AD-5, I came upon this photo of a VU-1 ship in formation with an F6F Hellcat, both in the utility paint scheme of engine gray, with yellow wings and red trim.




If you look at it, you can see that neither aircraft has the silver coroguard on the leading edges of the flying surfaces, and that the Skyraider has one white drop tank, and one in engine gray. Fascinating.The pylons appear to be gray also, rather than red. One can infer quite a bit from a black and white photo. The Spad looks pretty fresh, not too much exhaust staining, and a clean paint job. I am trying to make my model look as close as I can.


I had to replace the fuselage, but the wings and tail planes from my first build are sanded down and re-sprayed, Testors Model Master enamels thinned with lacquer thinner over Tamiya light gray primer. All surfaces were cut back with sanding sponges and Micro-Mesh and then given a light flash coat of Testors gloss lacquer, then the decals were sourced from the spares box with the exception of the UA letters, which were masks made by printing the letters onto Frog tape and cutting them out. To my amazement, this worked like a charm , and five minutes of airbrushing with my battered old Paasche H  model did the trick.




Should be assembled and back on her gear soon......never say die!



Edited by paul fisher

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