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paul fisher

The Spad is out of the Bag....A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider conversion

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Hellooooo out there! 

I expect the instructions and labels back from the printer tomorrow , we will begin whittling down the pile of Skyraiders by Friday.They all won't go out at once, but we'll do our best to get as many out to you as we can pronto!


I am a-building up one right now, going to try to do Georgia Ann in SEA camo first, see if i can get my airbrushing under control, it's hard to do with my hands the way they are these days.


The parts for the Navy ships are on my bench, it won't be long and we'll have all sorts of fun Spads flying around the joint.


Here's a plain resin quickie



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Just want to say thanks to all you guys, the support for this kit has been a breath of fresh air, so nice to make so many people happy.I only wish Sgt.Ron had lived to see the final product, it was really his prodding that got me of the fence to do it. he talked me into doing the Sea Fury too....I owe the guy.

Wait till you see the AD-5W Guppy.....Fugly, but beautiful!

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my next build. I think its gonna one crashed in  the arresting wires on the deck. 

Oliver, you're just the one to pull off such an ambitious project. :speak_cool:



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Any plans to make an internally detailed engine cowling to show off an engine?

 The Zoukei-Mura cowl is available on ebay  as a parts sprue, for an opened up cowl it is fine, it's dern near perfect, I just think they missed the curvature a wee bit. I don't know that I will get around to doing one with theirs so readily available, have to finish the BLU-76  before i think of any other goodies.

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