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The Spad is out of the Bag....A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider conversion

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OK, so we'll have a dedicated thread here for the Fat face Skyraider. I am essentially doing the complete fuselage, with cockpit(s) and canopies for the USAF A-1E as well as the Navy AD-5 AND -5W.


Numerous other dash numbers will be easily doable from this kit, and while I am optimizing it for the less expensive Trumpeter kit there is no reason it won't work on the Zoukei Mura offering .


The big issue is markings....Any and all suggestions welcome, AOA Decals have already mentioned doing the VNAF markings, which would be awesome, I know Eli did some stuff in 1/48 that did very well, and then there's got to be Maj. Bernie Fisher's ship ( no relation) and some SEA ships...and my obligatory Navy birds.


The plan is to offer kits of the main variants with correct cockpit, Blue Room and canopy fits, so the decals will need to be separated into appropriate sets. Thank God the wings fold or we'd all run out of room!


Pictures and progress reports soon!

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I covered two Marine Corps Skyraiders on a sheet with two F/A-18's and had planned on a stand alone sheet for AD-4/6's used by the Marine Corps. VMA's 331 and 332, as well as VMCJ's 1 and 3 operated the AD-5 for sure. Looks like I can do a whole sheet or two covering all of them!

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