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Revell 1/32 BF109 G10 **fixed images***

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Well started on the green last night.  I went back and after i re-did the gray areas that were RLM 74 with RLM 75, I added some white and faded them a bit.  started on to the green just to see how it would look.  Gonna finish the green up today hopefully.  Anyway, onto the pics:





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Looking really, really nice. For a minute I thought you were doing a generic 109 with a replacement wing! Very intriguing to consider about doing one with a replacement wing in my next 109 build.


Keep up the fantastic work!!



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Got the basic colors down and started to fade and shade it as a whole.  Will probably work on the Black Tulip tonight.  I hope.  The last pic shows where i went a little to far with the camo.  Have since went back and fixed it.  Just have to go back and re shade the panel lines on the fuselage.




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There are two late-war greens, a light/bright green and a dark green. It should be RLM 83 dark green with the RLM 75, but depending on whose paint your using it could be RLM 82 or RLM 83. This is because for many years RLM 82 was thought to be the dark green and RLM 83 was thought to be the light/bright green. A few years back new research showed this was reversed, and RLM 82 was bright/light green, and RLM 83 was dark green.


So, depending on when the paint manufacturer made their paint formula, it could be either. The key is to make sure it's the one listed as dark green or dunkel grun.


It looks like you've got the right green color on your tail planes in the pics above.


Hope this helps!

Great paintwork!


And yes, this is very helpful Doug 😉

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