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WNW Ninak - added some pics with base

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Here's my finished Ninak. I am still planning on building a base for her, but that may take some time as I can't quite find what I want.

The kit is near perfect, as usual with WNW.

Making pics was challenging due to the size of the model, the Ninak is large. Hence the pics are not that great.

It's build OOB, except for the HGW seat belts and bomb accessories.

I enjoyed every minute of the build.

























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Hi Gerard,


I mostly use ezwire, the elastic stuff you can source from the WNW site ore from Ushi v. As glue I use superglue, the gel type. For the wing, I work top to bottom. Glue all wires in the top wing, then turn the model over, cut the wires a coiple of mm's short and glue them into the bottom wing attachment points. I find that the trick is to get them in place on the first attempt. I never try a second time without shortening the wire and re-applying glue (I never apply glue to the model, only to the wires) I use sharp nosed tweezers to hold the wires in place, without tension to the glue point, for about 10 seconds. It really isn't that hard to do. For very short runs, I tend to use stretched sprue painted black. On this model I used sprue for the control cable attachments on the top and bottom wing. I use normal cement in that case. For the engine, ignition wires etc, I used copper wire, the really small stuff used in cell phone cables (used as a screen). These can be bend to suit and glued with super glue. If I want to mimic turn buckles, I use brass tube sourced from bob buckles which I slide over the elastic wire. Easy to do and the buckles always align with the wire. In rare occasions I use super glue accelerator, applied carefully to the model with a tooth pick. (Basically, I only do this when I get really frustrated with a difficult to reach and attach wire - not needed on this model)


Hope this helps. Scare of rigging stopped me from building WW1 planes, but it really isn't that difficult,



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