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New Grey Matter Figures Seafire Mk XV/XVII conversion coming soon

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Hi Boys and Girls,


I have some awesome news for all of us itching to do a Seafire Mk XV or Mk XVII. I sent an email to Tim Skelton at Grey Matter Figures earlier this week asking if there was any chance there may be a Seafire Mk XVII conversion from his company and he said that he was currently working on one for a Seafire Mk XV/XVII conversion in 1/32 scale!! As of now it isn't going to have folding wings like I personally had hoped but it will have everything else we need. Tim told me that folded wings may come as a different conversion later on, but we are going to get a Seafire Mk XVII conversion set sometime soon from Grey Matter Figures!!!! I'm excited to see what comes of it. Tim didn't say what base kit he was focusing the conversion around as of now, but I did get his permission to tell you all this information first.




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Hi guys,


Jennings, I'll email Tim and ask him what kit he's using as a base kit to start from, because he didn't tell me that yet. I'll get back with you on that when Tim tells me.




I'd be using the Contact Us part of the Grey Matter Figures website to find out what the status is of your order. I can't say anything bad about getting an order from them, I've always gotten my order and I'm on the other side of the pond from them.




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Jumping back in to this topic, re Jennings's query about which kit, 


I'm about half way through my Seafire XV, using the Revell kit, and to be honest its as good a basis as any , I know its approaching heracy to say that , but its easy to work with , its fully engraved which is something of a relief after re-scribing several Hasagawa kits, ok some of the surface detailing is a touch heavy , but classically I can live with that.


And for some of us there's the question of cost , I'd LOVE to use Tamiya Spits as the basis for the various conversions I have planned , BUT there comes a point when I have to justify my spending to my SO/Bank Manager and various credit card companies , and £100 for a kit to be chopped up is simply unsustainable in the long run. 


But this is just my very personal view .. and shouldn't be taken as anything other than the views of an increasing impoverished modeler who wants to have a decent collection of Seafire and Spitfire versions not currently available .


Now if Grey Matter would produce a set of Spitfire Mk 21/22/24 wings , I'd be very happy  man , and if a complete Seafire 47 kit finally saw the light of day .. then I could die happy!

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Our very own Derek Bradshaw mastered a set of Mk 21 wings, don't know if they were ever finished.


Oh and please refrain from using a disclaimer after you have aired your opinion. Others seem to do that to without any guilt thrust upon them. This is an open forum isn't it?


My IX is in the decalling stages and this kit will serve as a basis for many Spitfire subtypes such as the Mk XII.

May the joy continue.

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Here you go alan 




A rest "what might have been"


come on Derek..Please...




Good Grief - I Remember following that build, and I find it was 8 years ago.. where did the time go!

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