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VVS Yakovlev Yak-3 from the 402nd FAR, Spring 1945

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Wow, this is really fabulous work, Peter!





Amazing that looks ever so precise







Beautiful . :m0152:



Wonderfully clean and crisp work. 




  That's some of the most detailed detail work I've ever seen. The IP looks perfect as does the rest of the pit. And that radio with the decaling and cabling, almost looks real. I'm really looking forward to your next update.





superb build, makes me want to start mine.



Lovely work Peter, very informative too, cheers!



I don't see how such beautiful paint work and building can ever be repetitive. I want one too now!


Thank you all for your kind comments. Unfortunately I have no progress to report as I like to finish another build over the next two weeks. I then should be back here :D


Cheers, Peter

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I am still working on my other model, but progress is unfortunately slow as well :doh: . The good news is that I managed to do some work on the cockpit, adding filters and chipping. But I wont bore you with more pictures of the cockpit progress until it is finished, so will take a bit longer.


But to finish the cockpit, I have to assemble the fuselage and also fit the exhaust, but I am not too happy what Special hobby done. The resin exhaust look great, but the shrouds around them doesn't look too good.


This is how it looks in the kit.


And that how it should look like.



The shrouds are way too thick and there is no curvature at the front. Unfortunately it has to be thinned down from the outside as the resin exhaust fits very well to the opening as is.


I made a spacer I could fit in the opening so that I could scrape the plastic shrouds to scale thickness.



After lots of scraping, I came up with this.


Top original, bottom corrected.



Here top corrected and bottom original.


And here with the exhaust in place.


Top original, bottom corrected.



Here top corrected and bottom original.


This correction brings the exhaust about 1mm further forward which is how it should be when you compare it with the picture of the aircraft in Le Bourget. I think it was worthwhile to do this modification as it enhances the look of the shroud a lot.


Cheers, Peter

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Lovely work for sure. Its the little things like this that make the biggest differences in the end. 



  I'll 2nd what Brian just said. the thinning of the exhaust shrouds make a huge difference in the overall look.  :thumbsup:



Lookin GOOD!


Very, very clean and nice! The exhaust shrouds look 1000x better!


Thank you all for the feedback. Great to see that others think too that the modification is worthwhile :D


Got a bit further this week - be warned, lots of pictures in this post.


Before gluing the fuselage together, I modified the way the tail wheel can be attached. I converted the hole to a slot so that I can add the tail wheel at the end as I surely will brake it off if I attach it now.



Also hallowed the rudder linkage covers so that I can add the linkage later.



And the exhaust radiator grill is in place. I used the eduard PE part as it does correct the appearance as Special Hobby depicts the grill as used in the reproduction Yak-3s.



The IP received some chipping and glossy lenses curtesy of Gauzy.




Seat harnesses were next. I used HGW fabric harnesses as I feel they look much better than PE harnesses in this scale.


Attaching the fabric to the PE when still on the fret makes handling much easier.


The fabric of the latest HGW harnesses is different to the earlier examples. They don't look nice when wrinkled as some fiber of the fabric comes loose and they are a pain to glue. :BANGHEAD2:


At the end I use CE gel which kind of worked.



After finishing them, I realized that they are too short - and I did follow the assembly instruction. So apart they came and done again.


I also replaced the fabric strap for the locks with a wire as on the real Sutton harness.


And here the lap straps in place on the bucket seat and also the straps on the rudder pedals.







Part two to follow.

Cheers, Peter

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And finally all together with the shoulder harness in place :D











Doesn't it look better than a PE harness ?!



And to close, some pictures of the front end.







It took a long time to get to this stage and I can't wait having it in the fuselage with the side panels in place.


Even though the HGW harness looks great, I think it is not correctly represented for a Yak-3 as the Sutton harnesses in the Yak fighters dont have the length adjustment straps as can be seen on this picture from a Yak-1 cockpit.



I am puzzled why HGW got it wrong (or do they know something I don't)?


I just couldn't fit the PE harness as I do like the look of the fabric. So I guess the pilot who flew this Yak got a proper Sutton harness from a Spitfire for some extra comfort. :P


Thanks for watching.

Cheers, Peter

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Looks really nice around the cockpit. Well done.



Thanks Jim, much appreciated


I was told at Britmodeller that RB Production has the correct Sutton early type harness available :thumbsup:


I put a lot of effort into detailing this cockpit and having the wrong type of harness in it does bother me. I therefore ordered one yesterday and will replace the one currently fitted. Fortunately I used minimal amounts of glue so it shouldn't be too difficult, but I most likely won't get the harness until mid next week. Oh well, plenty of other models to work on in the meantime.


Cheers, Peter

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