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Eduard 1/72 F6F-3 Hellcat

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Our club does an annual 'Group Build' called Build the Same Kit.  This year its the Hellcat and mine is the Eduard 1/72 kit.  I chose Lt. Stambook, VF-27 from the USS Princeton as my subject (kit decal options) since it had that nice mouth on it (can't really say its a sharks mouth).


Already in progress using mostly Vallejo and Model Master paints.  This is the Profipack kit, so it has the PE parts for the cockpit (color photoetch).  For the first time I was able to get all of the various switches in place and the PE seatbelts.




I've seen a few different light blues on these aircraft, but have a feeling the blue I chose is just a LITTLE too bright.  B)


Interesting too is that the kill markings are on the right side of the aircraft.  Had not seen that before.  VF 6 and VF 33 seem to have done this.










Working on the washes now, using a light gray around the gun ammo doors (as I've seen in reference photos) and black on the folding wing and flaps.  Best as I can tell, the rest of the panels for the most part were not outlined so just leaving them alone.  Will hit with a matte finish at the end.



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Guest Peterpools


Terrific progress on the Hellcat - love the scheme and of all the Hellcat's, this is my favorite one - just love the markings.

Thanks for the images inside the office .. the IP looks amazing as well as the belts and harnesses .. hard to believe it's 72nd scale, as the detail are sharp as a tack.

Keep 'em coming


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Thanks for the comments. I decided to really try and work the PE this time, even in 1/72.  Carefully did the folds, and was extra careful on separating the PE pieces (I did lose one piece, but ends up you can't see it in the cockpit anyway - lucky me!).


Flat coat and exhaust stains.  Just could not stay away!  I'm thanking my new Nikon (thanks Peter for the suggestions!!) for the sharpness of the photos.


I laid down a base exhaust of aircraft interior black, then a light overcoat with light gray, and a final VERY light spray with jet exhaust for that brownish tone.


Kevin - yeah, I think I let my color palette go all to heck doing the WWI planes.  The purples and such.  Oh well.  I have seen some photos of this bright a blue, but most are definitely more muted than this.  It is bright!!!





The pic above doesn't really capture the look, but maybe the wider shot below will.




Final shot for the night.




Ok, done for the evening!  Have a good weekend everyone!



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Thanks guys,  Eduard makes a really nice kit and the color PE really adds to the detail in the cockpit.   I have to say, in 1/72 scale, it is a bit of a challenge to get it put together.  Looking forward to doing the Mustang in 1/32 I think.



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Ok finished off for today I think. I could do a bit more weathering but I may leave it as is.  I did notice something today that I missed yesterday.  Since I'm so used to inline engines for the most part - there are only two banks of exhausts.  Not so on this radial engine bird - there are four banks!  Yesterday I only sprayed two exhaust lines.  So had to add two more today.  And the antenna mast, and the antenna (no idea what the EZLine is doing here), and the pitot tube. And the wheels/tires.  SO a few thing to finish up today!






Here is the top view, showing the gray outlines ammunition doors (not sure why they are gray, but I've seen a few period pictures and they are definitely much lighter than any other panel).  Also showing the fading I did.




And one last fun picture - the prop is pretty loose so I took a pic as I blew on the prop to spin it.   :piliot:



I do like the Eduard kits for the excellent fit, and great detail they offer.  I'm not very good at complicated folds in PE (like the Mustang ammo doors) but the Hellcat was pretty straight forward .  I do like how the color PE works in the small scale - the level of detail is really something.  I'm starting to look more and more to starting my 1/32 Mustang with all of the Barracuda placards around the cockpit. 


Thanks for looking!  Chris

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Hi Chris,

    Great looking Hellcat!  I'm impressed by your paint tone variation and your detail painting.  I'm too clumsy for this scale.


I've noticed EZ line doing some odd things and have a theory that the CA moves up it from capilliary action.  I built a WWI plane, and on some of my rigging, things had changed since the day before.


best wishes,



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Kurok - thank you!


Gaz,  That could very well be it.  I do know the EZ Line is a two-part line so that may be part of it too.  Strange!


Regarding the weathering/tonal variation Thank you! but its easier than it looks.  For the Hellcat I started with a white primer base.  Then I spray on the top color, but I don't lay it on for 100% cover - I purposely leave it 'thin' in spots as if it were faded.  Works with black as well (Blackbasing vs the Whitebasing - Doog has some YouTube videos on the technique as do a few other folks) so you ought to give it a try - you will be amazed at how easy it is.


On the detail painting - I use a lot of toothpicks.  :)


Thanks for your kind comments.



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