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Just saw the website. P.11 and a Fokker XXI with Falco on page 1???

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This looks interesting.




A couple of questions.


1. With resin kits like this, is there much sanding of resin involved?


2. Can they be built by muppets like me, or does one need to be an expert?


Great choice of subject matter. A 1/32 Chaika??? Wow! :o



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The Silver Wings kits are amongst the nicest and easier resin kits to build. The fit is usually very good, and the cleaning is minimal. You dont have to sand a lot, and most of the cleaning can be done with a blade.

Of course, it's a resin kit, so it's still more difficult than a plastic kit for various reasons, especially for a biplane. (Gluing the wingstruts and the upper wing with fast-curing CA is not simple !). But otherwise they are very buildable.

It's a very good choice to try something new if you never built resin kits before.



You can have a look at my P-6E WIP if you want to see what it looks like, how is the fit, and how it does need to be cleaned or not. And there are various other Silver Wings kits WIP in the WIP forum.


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Guest Clunkmeister

Just know that the P.11 is one of their more "fiddly" kits, requiring you to assemble the engine inside the fairing, then install all the individual speed ring supports on the cylinders. they have to be dang near perfectly aligned to ensure the cowl ring fits evenly.



But it's a great little kit, one of my favorite, actually.

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