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Venezuelan Sukhoi SU-30 MK2

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Thank God I  decided to paint those finns, following Oppenheimer's advice, It wasn't easy! at least not for me, but at the end the result is way better than decals! it's always been!


I was gonna paint the "5" at last but masks decided not to cooperate and went the other way around and started there!


Look how I managed to damage one of the masks and needed to replace it




I left the dark blue color of the five to make something like black basing but just to avoid those bright colors to pop









And finally after a couple of days I ended up with these




As I said, they are not perfect but I'm really pleased with the result!! I have the masks for the white stars that will be added later


An important note about this scheme. Even if I managed to paint it in a decent way it doesn't mean you can do it without the Caracal sheet, having it is what made this masks possible, and there are the rest of the markings to complete the Venezuelan Flanker, there is an important detail in the middle of the "5" that would be really hard to replicate and plenty of letters and numbers.


  I painted them cause I wanted to push it a little bit further, not because decals weren't good! Caracal did a great job portraying that Flanker but were designed for the HobbyBoss kit, It could have been possible to use them to avoid all the hazzle of painting but sacrifying a bit of accuracy, I did it cause I wanted to try!

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Is not that there's lots of interest but I want to finish this WIP.


Thanks God Oppenheimer pointed me to a mistake on the paint job of one of the stabs! The one compared to the real one, you can see how the lower right corner on mine is red and on the real one is yellow! It was half my mistake cause I didn't double checked with my references and half Caracal's wrong call on their instructions


Just to amake things clear, this is what Caracal suggests for painting that particular stab




And this is how it really looks on the real plane




Some may say is not that big of a deal, me included, and some may say is a big flaw, to each it's own. I'm gonna try to correct it because I'm on time, and Thanks again to Jorge who pointed that out! somehow I missed it, and since this WIP is intended to give as much info as possible I'm talking about what I find.


I'm not bashing Caracal at all! I think they are great and just having this option is something I am thankful for! and It could be easily corrected maybe just by adding a note or whatever they see fit!

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The stab is "corrected" I mean it's been painting as it is on the plane dffering from the design.


Since painting yellow is never easy, and even less if painted over red! I sprayed a bit of white over the existing color and then I painted the yellow, Thanks God I still had the mask I used the first time so It was fairly easy to paint




Now it is ready to get the gloss treatment unless there's something else I haven't seen!!




And one pic of the real plane just for illustration purposes! credits to the author



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The build has been on hold for a while cause I was moving to a new house, and it turned out to be a whole lot of work!! The good news is that for the first time in 9 years I got to get a smal space for my builds!! small bench dedicated to that! no more building on the dinning room's table! default_70.gif


Other than that I haven't been able to touch the kit! just before moving I got to paint the seats, my skills aren't the best when it comes to paint small things with enamel paints! I think they turned out ok! just a bit of a wash and I'll call them done!








I hope to get back to the build since we are pretty much settled!!

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