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Venezuelan Sukhoi SU-30 MK2

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After a, kinda long hiatus, I'm going to start building this kit! it's gonna be the first model that'll stay with me in my house, usually they go to my brother's, but not this one. It's been chosen cause my son asked me for a model and since he and his mother are venezuelans the choice was easy.


  It took me a while to get the kit itself since it's out of stock from stores since a long time ago, but thanks to a fellow modeller I was able to get my hands on this kit and some other cool stuff!


the aftermarket the kit came with it's the following


Wolfpack SU-30 MK Flanker cockpit set

Wolfpack SU-30 MK Flanker update set

Quickboost Flanker correct nose

Fairy Hobby Flanker family correct canopy

Begemot CARACAL decals in the mail


I'm not a rivet counter by any means, but this one I want to keep it as close as posible as the real thing, is not gonna be easy cause you find lots of pics of the venezuelan planes but mostly good to get the overall look, but when it comes to details such as cockpit, gear bays and stuff you won't find many, or at least I couldn't find! So if you have some I'd be glad if you can share with me!


So let's go to the pictures and I'll try to unfold the kit as I move through the build




This is the plane I want to represent, decals are on its way the same with the colors, even though for color I'm just following Begemot suggestions, I'll wait for them to get here and see what do they look like







The kit and it's goodies




This is one of the sprues that turns the SU-27 kit into a SU-30, so I'll have to start cutting away a big chunk of the model! nice way to start for a non experienced modeller!




Wolfpack SU-30 MK  Flanker cockpit set






Wolfpack Flanker update kit




Quickboost correct nose.




and the Fairy Hobby correct Flanker family canopy


This is a special build and I'll do my best to make it justice!! and I'm posting a WIP here for the first time cause I want to learn and hear your opinnions, I don't think I'm good enough to "show" what I do, but I do want to get there!



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Thanks for the interest guys! I feel a bit like I'm preachin to the choir here but I appreciate your comments.



Ok surgery has begun! as I said before in order to have a SU-30 the front of the fuselage must be replaced with a suplied piece, clever solution for not replacing the whole mould of the upper fuselage, however it leaves a pretty nasty scar in a prominent part of the plane wich will have to be taken care later, the cut is marked on the inside of the fuselage and is a pretty "simple" task, it needs to be done carefully tho, thanks god everything went ok!




On the far right the piece that got cut besides the piece suplied, which is clearly different and acomodates the IRST in front of the windshield to the left and not in the center as the SU-27.




In order to accomodate the Wolfpack front IP another cut must be done, easier than the other but a cut non the less and without any marks.






The Fairy Hobby correct canopy set comes with a nice resin IRST for the SU-27 and doesn't replace the one for the 30, but since it has some nice detail I wanted to try to mix both pieces and see if I could use the advantageof that nice detail!




So I ended up with a nice, for me, IRST with a bit of extra detail!


I hope you'll enjoy

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While waiting for some paints and decals I started to do the "boring" part, and went for the intake, which is a real PITA on this kit, I think we all know about fit problems on that area but all I can say is dry-fit as much as you can and go slowly one side at a time of each intake it took me two days to glue them, and I ended up with two nice gaps anyway! so as you can see, I didn't find the secret to do it right!


here are some pics anyway






Then I added a thick coat of cyano and some putty to finish the job




In my opinion it all paid off cause I got a nice and smoth surface and no sign of that gap anymore!






In case you are wandering weather to get or not the SU-30MK Update set from Wolfpack, here's a comparison shot of both rudders, on the left the kit's one without the correction provided by Academy, this correction basically changes the tip of the rudder to make more squared, you could get away with it, but if you are a bit more "picky" you'll note lots of differences, so is up to you to decide if it's worth the price or not!




Even though some may think I haven't done anything to the rudders They've been rescribed and repunched cause detail was really shallow! and I have corrected a couple of panel lines not present on Venezuelan Flankers!




I hope you'll enjoy!!



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Decals arrived, they look pretty cool, and have the escential to have this version done, at least the big stuff is nicely represented






All the data on this plane is in spanish and no one does it, so Lindenhill data sheet will do the trick, the big "danger" ones on the intakes are in spanish at least!




While waiting for them I worked on the ordnance, since I usually get tired to them and don't pay attention. This is a show plane and Venezuelan SU's are not usually heavy loaded but since this one is mine! I'll take an artistic license and will fully load it.


A couple of Kryptons




And some of the rest




I mixed the color for the cockpit and after a couple (several to be true) I got where I wanted! and I'm pretty pleased with the color





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Watching at this pic IMG_7455_zpsajb3cxaw.jpg


I decided to add a tiny little piece of detail to the IRS




Hopefully it will be blended when the time comes!


I have to add that the new sprues on this kits are made with a different kind of plastic, is softer and it has some kind of granulated texture, at the end I imagine it'll look the same but I just wanted to point that out.

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