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A thread for posting images of beautiful aeroplanes.

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Guest The Southern Bandit

This is such a great inspiring thread, its helped me get motivated on some of my doomed stalled modelling projects again for sure.

Going to see these guys play live again in about 6 weeks or so here in Scotland UK, this Aircraft is from an older tour, they flew a 747 on this latest tour, cant wait for the show once more! will be my 4th time seeing them live.


This shot is from a Wellington that returned from a raid, amazing, we have 1/32 B-17's and a Lanc coming up, would love a 1/32 Wellington ... really would.



And love the accuracy and confidence to land on a runway this narrow


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Guest The Southern Bandit

One more ... there was only one occasion when there were two Shuttles ready to fly at once (just in case) ... yes its an Orbiter, but it glides in controlled flight in our atmosphere too, so an Aircraft as well in my book :)

This is a stunning pic to me, really miss the NASA Shuttle missions.



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