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Tally Ho on the target....5/12/2017 Everything done but the prop

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I am just posting this WIP here on LSP, honestly it gets depressing having to update each model site I visit on a daily basis so I am just going to post here.  Maybe throw out the link to LSP for folks that want to see it.


The build:  I love in action aircraft.  Since I started using the Propblur product, I am trying to do more inflight models.  This is the Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D Razorback, to be built in the inflight/gear up configuration in an approximate 10-15 degree bank to starboard as the pilot sees the target and starts to roll in.  I have used a MasterDetails pilot head on a Ultracast pilot figure.  Trying to stay close to OOB but will make a few enhancements to the cockpit, mainly new glass for the reflective gunsight and wires out the back of the instrument panel.  Other than the pilot....what you see here is stock OOB Trumpeter.  When you see the canopy installed, you will notice a lot of the detail is hidden, hence my decision not to go full aftermarket.
















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I love it Colin!! Next update please....Harv :D

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That pilot is top notch Colin! The posing is excellent too. I'm terrible with figures but I'm still playing around with the idea of putting a few in my B-17. I think they really do bring the model to life. Looking forward to this!


I also hear you about posting across other forums. I've pretty much just stuck to this one for the most part, because it's my favourite!



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SUPER cool in flight figgie!   I too love the action look like this, although I do not do as many in flight displays as Id like.      Not sure how you are planning to display the final product Collin, but have you seen those in flight "Blur" bases?     Could look super neat with the in flight display and figgie.....




I think you chose the correct spot to do all your WIP updating!



Carry on sir

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