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Civilian themed diorama

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Mr Rutman,


I have been away so when you started this I missed it { was jaunting in India}.


What can I say... you have an eye for detail and encapsulated each little detail from real life to this miniscule Diorama which is simply IMPRESSIVE.


I am always blown away by your skilful ,delightful figures which when I look at them; I almost feel their presence and their banter.


The linen hanging out of the roof window is SUPERB.

.Every time I looked at it as I read it thrice I noticed something new which I missed first time. You have life's riches and the family's everyday chores down to a tee!


EXCEPTIONAL little diorama which made ME smile.

Thank you Jerry for your WONDROUS figure work and your astute Dioramas.


Totally admire your modeling.


:wow: :bow: :bow:

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