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De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV (FPU) - Diorama...


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Wow thank you gentlemen, I'm more or less speechless! 


I'm happy with how this one turned out. As you know I'm trying to capture certain moments in aviation history, working my way through different themes and environments. 

When I was a kid my father always took me to museums and sometimes there were these tableau's showing moments in history, waterloo, shipyards, vikings, romans etc... I love this way of getting to know history, it does something that you can't get from reading a book or looking at a picture. And I guess I'm still dreaming of doing some kind of diorama for a museum...


How about you, do you get the same feeling?


Regards: Kent

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What a delightful diorama Kent. It's a neat idea and well executed.

Each model is lovely in it's own right but even better in this setting. I love the effect you've achieved on the bare metal wing tanks. It does look like real metal on my monitor.


May I offer a small observation in the spirit of feedback? I like the tyre tracks from the accumulator trolley and the footprints in the snow but the edge of the snow to the roadway looks very uniform. There does n't appear to be any trace of snow on the roadway at all. (*Edit: scratch that. I'm an idiot and did n't look closely enough. I can see where you've dusted some snow toward the edge now that I've gone back to it, sorry.)If it has been swept would there be some patches of remaining snow deposit or wet where the snow has melted? Or perhaps a little where feet had carried it from the grass area.

Additionally, the airframe appears to be sat on the snow rather than in it. I can't see any tyre tracks from the airframe if there was a deposit of snow under the aircraft when it parked. If the snow had fallen on the aircraft it could be less deep beneath the fuselage and wings perhaps? If it had fallen on the aircraft it may have been brushed off but it would then pile up on the ground at the trailing edge of the wings and tailplanes.

Forgive me if I sound critical, I don't mean it to be. I've never used snow on a model so I'm not aware of it's properties or how easy it is to use. Perhaps the effects I've noticed may not be possible. This is nit-picking of course and should be taken lightly as it's of little consequence but I hope it may offer pause for thought going forward.


Truth be told, the diorama looks great and that first shot could pass for real.

I'd be happy if I could finish any of these models to this standard so thankyou for sharing them here,



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