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paul fisher

New RF-8G pics

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Just to add on, I would also be interested in a 1/48 RF-8.  I am working on a group that will include one plane from every squadron that was on the Ticonderoga 68 cruise and the only one I can't find is a 1/48 RF-8G

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Some writers have claimed that the RF-8s tailplanes were smaller than those of the standard Crusaders, but Tommy Thomason (and maybe Tom Weinel) have researched this and were never able to come up with proof.


The larger tailplanes of the F-8J/ F-8E(FN) went hand-in-glove with the "Double Droop" leading edge mod and the incorporation of BLC (which Tom said was a 1200-Lb waste of space). Neither of these were incorporated into the RF-8G. The most obvious incorporation of later features on the RF (Besides the ventral fins) were the F-8J style landing gear, and the afterburner scoops , added very late in the RF-8Gs life when they upgraded to the J-57-P530 engine.


Others no doubt know more.



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Hi Paul. Ordered my G acouple weeks ago. Any word on when they will ship?.....Harv

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