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Here's some quick pics of the new RF-8G set, mostly to illustrate the different configuration and the various ECM bits included.


Different camera bay window configuration, solid nosewheel instead of spoked, the horned nosewheel yoke, and the additional prism shaped camera windows and anti-collision beacons ( these will be cast in clear). No two G's appear to be set up the same way, so you'll get enough parts to "have it your way". Up for order in a day or so.

















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Order for the G placed and receipt received from Paul - I'm sure tomorrow is too early to start watching the mail box but probably will be looking anyway for Eli's decals - Building both a 1/32 F8-E CAG bird and an RF-8G both from the 1968 Ticonderoga CVA-14 Viet Nam cruise.  I was ships company from 66-69 and it will be so cool to have models of two birds I saw every day. 

Jerry :piliot: :m0152:

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