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Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000-5F !!!

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Guest Airfixer


In the meantime, both thread title and passages of the initial post have been edited, now explicitly stating "Mirage 2000-5F".


In fact, the boxart depicts a "Côte d'Argent" (BA 118 Mont-de-Marsan) Mirage 2000-5F.


Just wondering whether the upcoming KH kit will contain all required parts to either build a RDM/RDI C-model or its RDY-equipped -5F offspring. :hmmm:





As far as I'm concerned, provisions for a Mirage 2000-5F would be extremely welcome.

Mirage 2000-5F in experimental all-grey livery:



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​This looks wonderful!

At last KH are able to do the larger subjects in 1/32 which have restricted them since they started up business due to cost levels.

I predict good sales numbers for this model, with any luck an Etendard and Super Etendard will feature in the future to go with it! 

I agree on the F5E too!  Would love to buy at least six of these when they finally get here. 

What an exciting time we large scalers live in today, this is all dream land coming true, FANTASTIC!!

Thankyou KH for listening to us AND delivering.  

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This box art is a little scary ! and depicts a very average impression of BA-115 Orange.


Fin number on the aircraft is 77 but front landing gear plate number is 40.

Lavender flowers around the South Of France Base Aerienne d'Orange runway are of wrong shape.

Mont Ventoux on the background if this french air base is of wrong shape.


BA-115 Orange is the location of the Escadron EC 02.005 "Ile De France" equipped with Mirage 2000 B and C RDI !

( photo below )


But on KH Boxart, 118-AX / 77 of the Escadron ECE 01.030, "Côte D'Argent" located at BA-118 Mont De Marsan is

really a Mirage 2000-5F !





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