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STAR WARS "Millennium Falcon" - 1/72 by Revell Master Series

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That's a great model!  You might want to know that the original model builders of the Falcon from back in the 70's used a couple of parts from a Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari F1 car for the front of the Falcon.  They used the bottom of a flat 12 boxer engine for the front of each of the "claw" appendages.  I believe they used many parts from various models of the time to decorate the model on the exterior surface.  Not really noticeable on the Revell model but check out this photo reference: http://www.starshipmodeler.com/starwars/refpix/mosi/jl_mf_0190.jpg

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Thanks a lot mates! 


There are several parts which you could recognize .... some engine parts.... parts of ships ....parts of tanks ... guns .... lot of small stuff looking a bit familiar with other things :) 

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I was abroad when you posted this SO I have ONLY just seen this today.




It's a PHENOMENAL build.


To say it's 1:72 scale, you have pa ked a lot of details onto it.




:bow: :bow:

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