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STAR WARS "Millennium Falcon" - 1/72 by Revell Master Series

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Fantastic results there!


How do you get it onto such a small support?


BTW, Tower Hobbies has the kit on sale for $139 until tomorrow. That's almost half price.



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my Millennium Falcon in scale 1/72 by Fine Molds / Revell (Master Class) is finished.
The wonderful kit (more then 900 parts, great details!) receivied some clear blue resin made engine units and replacements for the exhaust nozzles. Further 3D-printed parts for the laser cannons and docking ports left/right and the cockpit.
The photo etched parts from Paragrafix were used inside and outside as well and bring in some further great details.
For the illumination I have used a blue LED-stripe for the engine, installed in a all around closed light box. Bright white and warm white LEDs and red LEDs are used on the outside of the ship, blinking fibreoptics and a blue "under floor" illumination in the cockpit.
The base is a picture frame with a wooden plate on top, an aluminium pipe glued inside. The Falcon is removable. All wiring is under the base/inside the base, the cables run through the aluminium pipe from the ship under the base.
Two switches on the side of the base (engine and other LEDs) swich the illumination on/off.
I hope that you like the finished Falcon! 


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Lovely model Micha, but the rear engine section paint job doesn't look right to my eyes.  This is an excellent reference book for anything Star Wars (I got my copy many years ago):




edit: I also highly recommend this book too:







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