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For those of you with a little extra cash...

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I speak on behalf of all serious resin producers who do their work for offering the best surface quality, BTW I have no problem with the new 3D designers, I love and admire their work,  but you cannot sell certain subjects with poor "3D printed" quality. If I sold similar products my clients would ask me the money back......

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 "matte finish and slight grainy feel."    Well I hate to be the hair in the pasta but ...this ain't going to look good under a coat of paint,difficult to sand smooth(nylon).   all for 425.00?

The rough surface is what is holding back the sales potential of 3D prototyping.  Once they solve that problem then the sales will rise.

Another problem is the time it takes to plot a 3D item. That long time frame to produce even one item will keep the price way up there.

Lots of problems to solve yet.


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Once they solve that problem then the sales will rise.



I think this will be difficult in the future or maybe never, the surface quality is not required by 99% of the hypothetical market which requires mainly smartphone cover to change every day.....

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If it were equivalent to 1995 prices, that 8GB chip would run you about $1,240,000.00 apiece.


Yep, I was griping about this very thing to some other folks, and they told me of the prices from back when, so perhaps it's not such a big deal after all. It still annoys me to spend $180 for 32GB of memory though.


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