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I'm having a lot of fun with this build. All these years of building and I've never once built a P-38. I've had this old Revell kit in the stash since the 80's. I bought it new, the instruction sheet is all yellowed and brittle it's so old now.  The fit is so far is surprisingly good.  I've finished the cockpit last night, it's totally factitious using odd bits from the spares box. It will look the part under a closed canopy.







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This builds quick.  I am not going into a lot of detail as this will be a ceiling hanger when done.  There is a lot of lead in this sled though. Lots of sanding to do yet. I had to replace the wheels with Aires ones. The kit ones are really really bad.









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Yes you should Kev,  it's actually quite refreshing. The kit isn't nearly as bad as one would think. Once I got past the silly thought of rescribing the whole thing it turned into a lot of fun.  I forgot to put some card in the boom intakes though. You can see right through them which doesn't look right



Oh well

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Guest Peterpools

Hi Ron

Looking mighty good for sure. seems as if you found the key to building and enjoying the older kits without facing the daunting adventure of scribing and riveting the entire aircraft.,

Keep 'em coming


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