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1/32 Trumpeter F-117A Nighthawk - in 45 Days!?!?

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Over on the SMCG Facebook group, we've just kicked off a 45 Day group build, since so many of us seem stuck in the builds-take-forever trap. For a change of pace, the idea is to build something faster, but still with intent and (hopefully) solid execution. 


After a lot of back and forthing, I decided to take on Trumpeter's 1/32 F-117. It's going to be fun adapting black basing and tonal variation to such a dark subject. 


Nothing much to report so far. I only managed to paw around with a few pieces last night in prep for really diving in this evening. But dang is it HUGE. 






Aftermarket's going to be limited. Eduard exterior PE and wheels. Quickboost ACES II (I realize there are some minor differences between F-15E and F-117 seats...I'll deal) bangseat. AFV Club AR-coated canopy.




I'm also stealing the throttle and top of a control stick out of an Academy Hornet to pretty up the cockpit somewhat. The kit amazingly doesn't have a throttle, and the control stick isn't up to par with the rest of the cockpit. 




Beyond that, I've got some stupid tricks planned for detailing out the cockpit, adding the mesh to the FLIR window, and a few other elements. 

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Just new on this forum but have been watching Your work via several media. Looking forward to see how You're gonna tackle this one, especially in such a short time. Always amazing to see how You're able to put down colours with rather stark contrast between them, and then pull it all together with some excellent weathering- & blending-technique's. It's gonna be interresting to see how You pull off this black-bird...


Regards Rudy.



Totally "charmed" by Your "less political correct" approach on Your Y-T tutorials/builds.  :)

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Trying to split time between editing my Kitty Hawk Su-17 build review (teaser - ugh) and the 117 and so I didn't have all that much time last night, and most of it was spend scraping away fictitious and hilariously raised RAM coating that does not exist on the actual plane. 








This is pretty tedious stuff...but at least there's not much of it to tackle, and it's all on flat surfaces. It's more working around a fuselage the size of a pizza box that's the frustrating part. 


Also...the Trumpeter kit is lacking some serious detailing up around the FLIR window.






This looks like a perfect application for my Silhouette cutter. So...time to capture the area dimensionally. Next I'll scan it in and lay out the details needed in Illustrator. 




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I think long stripes of electrical tape could work great for these patterns. Flat from the visible side, soft for punching the rivets. With what you plan to imitate the panels? Thanks.


I'm going to use thin styrene sheet. Probably in the 0.10 to 0.20 range. 

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