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jack's Jack & jack's Tony ..Together for the first time&#3

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What's that doo doo brown blob thing you are apparently using to mask?

This isn't Playboy Shaka, you have to READ the articles :rofl: !


It's Silly Putty, Shaka.

Thank You Bill


Very nice faded blue effect!

Truly a first class model!


Thanks Alain. She will darken some when I clear coat her. She didn't last long in these colors, but it was probably an Earl Shieb

                        paint job....aka CHEAP!  I've got mask coming for the Star & Bar so I can adjust accordingly :oops: 



Very nice

Than You Sir...now I hope I don't muck it up :shrug: 

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Well I needed some P-51 fuselage Star & Bars for all 4 positions, and I came across a MONTEX Mask Set.

I'll see what this will do......,cause it was ALOT cheaper than possible 2 decal sets.. No instructions or tip sheet

and my www.provider got tired and took a nap and I got BORED.1JY7iRB.jpg4egXeqw.jpgpunXzSg.jpgeEeWYje.jpgTWJEBRw.jpg2PX1Wj0.jpg

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Trying to get this done for next Sat. Contest here in Bossier City La.

Got on a roll yesterday and have kept on as much a I could

Tail done including my home made Marine Globe.....the only decals on this build.

Did  Sandy Brown  wash made with Vallejo , water and a drop of DAWN.. Worked well

but needed a little more water which I did on the bottom and it seem to wipe off better

Pastel exhaust.......Under a 2nd coat of Future. Semi-Clear coat next?rHwzyE7.jpg0zupYPr.jpgK4Zpdo1.jpgkC5s7qg.jpgtTuAdej.jpg6Q1Rxgh.jpg4iD0s75.jpg

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