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MH-47 Chinook, 1/35.


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Well I'm calling this project done.


It's been a great build only made possible by Floyd Werner's conversion. I have a soft spot for Special Forces Helicopters so building this Mh-47 has been a great thrill and because my eyes aren't what they used to be, 1/35 is the best scale for me. Just got the MH-60 to build, need to get a set of up-turned exhausts and the now 'out of production' Cobra conversion (good luck with that I hear you say)


After completing the base to represent an Afgan scene it was just a case of bringing the composite pieces together.


Hope you like it and feel free to give your honest opinion. 




















WIP thread here, http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=65946

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Nice! Take some picts outside!


Looks very realistic.

Would love to but the weather here isn't good at the moment, blowing a nice Atlantic gale. I'm not that good a photos anyway.


Yes Floyd's correct, I wanted to depict the Chinook with the APU (Auxilary Power Unit) running but the rotors/engines stopped to save fuel. The ground troops providing cover while the aircrew wait for the off. Not to sure what the US Army do, but the RAF always have comm's to the pilot whilst stopped. You might see from the build thread there is a pilot figure in the pilots seat whilst the second pilot leaves the rear ramp to get the low down.

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