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1/32 A-10 Forward Fuselage

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The Fat Face Skyraider will be optimized for the Trumpeter kits , but so far I see no reason it won't work on the Z-M kit as well. Think of the possibilities for paint jobs.... A-1E...EA-1E....AD-5.....AD-5W Guppy......UA-1E, I mean you could go on forever! Yowza!


Won't take long and it will be done.

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That's great news Paul. I've wondered for quite awhile why Trumpeter/ZM haven't done an A-1E by now. Anxious to see how you handle the larger vertical tail.


 It's pitched 3 degrees to port, whilst the fillet that runs forward is actually on center...creates a really weird looking little twist , but that's how it is on the real one, so that's how it is on the pattern. I wonder how many will :doh: think it's warped and consider it a fatal flaw!

I must admit that it bothers my artistic sensibilities, but it's gotta be there.

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