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1/32 A-10 Forward Fuselage


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I'm no expert, but the profile is off not to mention the canopy.


I think if you look at few builds online most of them have commented and tried to sand out the nose.


If I was Paul I'd slice up a 48th scale monogram A-10 to get the contours correct. Scale up to 32nd and make it graft able to the Trumpeter kit.


Paul's set could include the nose section from just behind the canopy, the cockpit and new clear resin canopy.


I think some holdouts on this kit myself included are waiting for a resin fix. :)

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A correct resin fuselage for the A-10 would be most welcomed, fixes can be done to the kit parts but requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to correct all that is wrong up front on the Trumpeter kit.  I believe the Squadron vac canopies for the A-10 are no longer produced, so need to include that to.  The Have Glass II canopy put out by AFV Club for the A-10 unfortunately made a direct copy of Trumpeter's canopy so it is also equally useless. 



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What's wrong with the forward fuselage other than level of cockpit detail?




I have a very long build thread here that explains many of the changes required.







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