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I cracked this open mid summer '16 with hopes to finish by 7 Dec for 75 anniversary.  Pearl Harbor P36, P40B, A6M2b.  As usual, life, family and another wrecked knee kept my bench-time to a minimum.  My bench is configured as a 36" (91cm) tall standing bench.  The wrecked knee dictated my time to no more than 30 minute sessions.



Trumpy's P40B with all it's known short comings.  Will address cockpit, wheel well, fabric and rivet issues.



P40B "White 300" based at Bellows Field 7 Dec, 1941.



This Bellows Field post 7 Dec P40B has seen better days.



The cockpit is short so I secured Lone Star resin correction set.  Lone Star's resin sidewall correction (left) and kit.  Depth difference is markable.







The casting of Lone Star's correction is showing it's age.  Soft detail and lots of bubbles/imperfections.  That said I have decided to scratch build the deeper cockpit.  Using Lone Star parts as template I draw on styrene card stock.



Apologizes for the photo quality.

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Will be enhancing cockpit detail with Eduards PE interior set.



Kit floor is cut at ammo tray.  Save ammo tray mount as will be used.


Prototype cut kit floor in position.





Kit floor taped to prototype and final size is drawn.   Mounting holes for seat frame, control stick are matched from kit floor and drilled out.

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:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

no popcorn mess ok?


Very nice work on adding the resin front office parts and the sheet floor.

Keep 'em coming


ha, those resin parts were quite bad.  they made great templates though.  :)


Nice work on the pit walls this is already shaping up nicely looking forward to more updates



Thanks Guy.  It's a labor of love.  I just hope the hell it looks ok.


Nice start. I'll be looking forward to seeing this move forward.



Very nice work, Rick!



Thanks Kev


Oooooh... luuurvly start with some super scratching  :popcorn:



A little scratch is always good.  Thanks Toben.




Majestic start ..VERY NICE.


looking great from here.


:wow: to your scratch building.



Majestic?  Just hope it does not turn into a piece for the shelf of doom.


Looking good it reminded me that I have some CMK cockpit detail parts and a Trump P-40 somewhere.





Unpack those puppies and get to work Dennis!


This is great modelling. Thanks for sharing your progress.

Cheers Nillus!


I love where this is going. Excellent work Rick.

Thanks Tom!  I'm pretty stoked with progress so far.  I need to post updates.

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