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Supermarine Spitfire F Mk.22 | Revell ex Matchbox 1:32


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Thanks, Mates :)


Works are going really slowly, hope to have her finished within a month or two...


Decided to glue the landing gear in its places.

Original slots for the main landing gear in the Matchbox kit are located a little bit too wide. 

Therefore I relocated them a bit closer to each other by drilling new holes for the brass tube inserts installed in the legs. Original slots remained, as they are anyway covered under the downlock arm.


There're still some remains of the blue-tac in the left gear well, which was used to fix the legs at the correct angle when glue was drying - will be cleaned-up of course.


Tail-wheel is a combination of the SAC leg and the wheel from the box.


Gear leg covers and main wheels  (from MasterCasters) installed only for a test, without glue. 



Looking at the photos of Rhodesian Spitfires it seems to me, that the gear legs and inner sides of the landing gear covers have been painted with the camo paint, only the wheel hubs remained in the original natural metal color. 

Therefore I will spray these parts with MSG, just like the rest of the airframe.
Best regards


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Hi, All :)


Some details have been painted - wheels, exhaust stacks, guns... 
At the photos you see a final test fitting of the landing gear covers. At the moment I'm writing this post  it all has already been glued into place and good information is that the landing gear is quite strong and robust.


For comparison:
Image sourced from www.revell.de


As you can see I decided to upgrade the wheels' covers, by adding some structure inside. 

The wheels - instead of the MasterCasters resin wheels decided to use Resin2Detail wheels with circumferential thread - the difference of detail level is obvious and this was the pattern that seems to be installed on actual SR60.




The whole landing gear I made isn't maybe perfect, but I'm sure a lot better than OOB ... Hope you like it :)


Now - the markings, first I'm going to paint the green&yellow Rhodesian stripes, the rest will be made with the decals.


Best regards


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I wouldn't believe that is the old Matchbox kit if I hadn't seen this thread!


Superb work and the finished result is going to look stunning!


I've got one to build myself, so I'm taking notes. The Matchbox kit maybe a bear to build, but at least they gave us a Mk 22/24.


Best regards;


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks, Mates :)


Yep, I'm moving forward, very slowly...too many builds, to many - that's for sure.

Managed to paint the propeller and applied dark blue gray wash - maybe looking quite heavy, but this will be slightly lighter in the end of the day, as I'm going to add some filters and dust.





The canopy... don't think I'm able to make anything more with it... it's just terrible, and there's no similarly over-sized replacement available. The worst is the rounded shape of  the canopy frame at its end, tried to correct this with Miliput or HIPS, but gave up...


Anyway, hope to have her done by June end. 


Best regards


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