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Supermarine Spitfire F Mk.22 | Revell ex Matchbox 1:32


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Thanks, Tony :)


Slowly approaching the moment, when will be able to close the canopy and start painting. 

Have just to get the seat-belts done, for now I have made the fastening of the belts on the headrest and installed the seatback belts. The belts mounted to the seat cushion still under construction - must say that Eduard's seat belts are very well detailed, but need a lot of patience to get them done properly.


Managed also to make the second gear leg cover, both have been rivetted outside, still some more work inside to be done.




Best regards


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Thanks Mates :)


Kitbashing is not cheating, would probably be doing the same if I had any spares from other kits.

However, actually in my Spit I have used a cockpit floor from Revell's Mk.II, and the steering rod - for Mk.II I have purchased excellent resin set from Eduard.


Next thing was attaching the movable canopy. The fit is ... well, challenging, to say the least and stay polite.


Anyway, now masking, priming and painting, at last!




Best regards


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Thanks for your nice words, Mates :)


OK, so the canopy has been masked and sprayed with the interior color.


I also polished the surface a bit just to get rid of dust particles before I put the primer on and installed the outlets of the guns - really great detail.


Best regards
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Hi, All :)


Spitfire has received some paint. Used Tamiya's RAF Medium Sea Grey, covered with Gunze's Gloss Clear from the can.

Everything is pretty solid and clear, but that's how it actually looked like. 

Of course, some washes and post-shading will brake the color a bit, so that it is not so solid at the end of the day.




As you can see, I decided to open the air intake to the oil cooler. Looks much better now.

Next thing are the decals. I'm going to build SR60, therefore there's a chance to use the decals from the box or Montex masks, which will require some adjustments (for example making "R" out of "P" is very easy).




Still wondering, what green was used to paint the Rhodesian national markings -  I have not found a word on this topic in the Web, except that this green was to refer to the national colors of Southern Rhodesia ... Pretty bright green, probably will pick-up something more or less appropriate, but maybe it had a name of its own and came from the RAF magazine? 


Yellow identical to the RAF color for roundels, I presume.


Best regards


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