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RF-8A Conversion up for pre-orders!

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Hi folks, 

Just got the RF-8A up on the website, finishing up the changes for the RF-8G set now. Eli is feverishly working on decals so we're off to the races! Thanks so much for your patience, there's more to this beast than you might think at first glance, so as usual it took longer than I thought it would. new cockpit, two bang seats, new fwd landing gear and wheel....Lots of goodies in this one.













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Note that there are different versions of the heat exchanger exhaust on the RH fuselage side as well - there are versions with or without "fin" in the middle. Late RF-8G also have an ECM antenna on the RH side of the air intake. Then, early RF-8As have the spoked front wheel whilst RF-8G always had the plain wheel. You will need good references of the specific a/c you are building as camera configurations were different on almost every aircraft!

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