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Trumpy 1/24 FW190-D9

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I started this one fairly recently as its been sat around for ages.

The engine is as detailed as it gets as its not visible in the finished model apart from the area seen through the front of the open wheel bay.

I've been looking all over the web for decent pictures or drawings of the plumbing that can be seen in this area i.e. lower rear of engine and wheel bay but nothing that really helps me so far.

Cockpit tub is finished, seat is finished & waiting for the RB fabric seat belts fitting & I'm pretty much at the sarge of closing up the fuselage once I work out what additional plumbing I'll add to the engine.


[/url]IMG_1479 by martin smith, on Flickr">http://32326599366_144061538a_b.jpgIMG_1479 by martin smith, on Flickr


[/url] IMG_1480 >IMG_1480 by martin smith, on Flickr">http://31988755930_1de416c2ca_b.jpgIMG_1480 by martin smith, on Flickr


[/url] IMG_1478 >IMG_1478 by martin smith, on Flickr">http://31988756610_fb91b921bb_b.jpgIMG_1478 by martin smith, on Flickr


[/url] IMG_1477 >IMG_1477 by martin smith, on Flickr">http://32326599626_7a46c3545b_b.jpgIMG_1477 by martin smith, on Flickr


Happy modelling folks, Martin

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