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Dragon BF110-D

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Evening everyone, I'm just getting back into the hobby after a couple of years away & have picked up on my Dragon BF110 which I started some time ago.

I know the instructions are terrible but I can't find info on the wheel bays, namely parts N12 &'13 F34 & 35

I am reading the instructions as N12 & F34 go together as do N13 & F35 but I know these are handed sub assemblies so don't want to get it the wrong way round.

Can anyone please confirm that before I put glue to them

Thanks, Martin

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I did a full build review of this kit a few years ago here (or see link in signature below)


As mentioned in the build, I beleive the instructions for at least my D3 kit had been modified and were correct for the wheel well framing, so no need to go looking for errata's from the "C" kit as mentioned above.


I would suggest you dry fit before glue to make sure they look correct, you will be able to tell if they dont.



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