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1:32 Norden Bombsight

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Two years ago I set out to 3D-print a piece that would ultimately be cast in resin.

I had no idea how steep the learning curve would be.

First, I had to learn 3D modeling. Then I had to find someone who could print something that small, and, finally, someone who could do it justice in the casting.

It's now complete, and just in time as the new HK B-17F has come on the market. (Originally, I had started this project with the B-17G in mind.)

I will be selling these Norden Bombsights through online hobby stores.

The possibility of making them in 1:48 scale exists, but only if there is a demand.

I would love to know what you think.


Robert Mrozowski



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You are da MAN!


So, you just happen to have a Norden Bombsight lying around the garage?  I like the pizza box as scale idea.


If this is 3D printed, who is your printer?  The resolution of this print is astounding.  Although others may differ, I do have a need to know!


In addition, what 3D program did you use, and who's your caster?


Thank you.



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The restoration guys at the National Museum of the Mighty Eight Air Force in Pooler, GA were nice enough to give me access to their Norden.


CADProto did the 3D printing.


Paul Fisher of Fisher Models did the casting and recommended CADProto. ( I tried other printing services but they are the best so far. )


The modeling was done with modo.









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That looks great. One detail: That mount was used in the B-17G (and many other aircraft) but not in the F.


There was an aluminum shelf that jutted out into the nose:






Mounted to that platform were a couple of brackets with other structure:




And on top of the brackets and structure was this shock mounted plate to which the bombsight (actually the direction stabilizer) was mounted:



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