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"Double or nothing" - Wagner TWIN Piper - Revell Pa-18 x 2

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"The THING" , "Double or Nothing" , "Piper Bomber"  , "Twin Piper" , lot of names for this unusual  brainchild of Mr. Harold Wagner of the Wagner Aircraft Co. at Troh's Skyport, Portland, Oregon. He wanted to create a simple and cheap twin engine SUV type aircraft.


This strange aircraft, nicknamed "The Thing" by Wagner himself. It consisted of a 65 hp Continental C-65 powered J-3 Cub and an 85 hp Continental C-85 powered PA-11 Cub Special fuselage mounted side-by-side using a small wing center section and central tail plane. The outer wing panels and tail planes were standard components. Later was 65 HP Continental from J-3 removed and 85 hp Continental C-85 was installed.

The resulting aircraft looked so odd that Wagner called it "The Thing". The two fuselages were located closer to each other than on any other dual-fuselage aircraft. The combined horsepower would in theory support four passengers, but the increased wing loading prevented this. Hence only the right hand fuselage could be occupied by a pilot and passenger, the left hand one serving only the purpose of engine mounting.

The twin Cub was first flown on December 6, 1951, after 150 flying hours it was returned to standard configuration.








I do some drawings and prepare artwork for set of home printed decals and airbrushing masks, for this build.




Having few of Revell Piper Cub's on shelf, this is the easy way to reduce plastic stock and build unusual and eye catching model.


Closest PA-11  and J-3  version from Revell CUB offer is this one, PA-18-95 with 95 HP continental with similar nose cowlings, wings and tail ,to PA-11 model .






Kit is partially started, removing some parts from sprues and preparing for assembly, hope this start up stage classifies to this group build.














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Crazy looking plane and only 150 flying hours before being backdated.....


Like you said, it will give a very interesting and eyecatching model, I'm looking forward to seeing how you tackle some of the complex issuse that will no doubt crop up.

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This should be a really cool build, Nenad! I must confess I'd never heard of this modification until now.



Nor I......Harv

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Guest Peterpools

I'm pretty sure it's not two PA22-108 Colts, as the Colts didn't have the teardrop window. Looks like two Tripacer from the window arrangement.

Never knew about this combo


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What a fascinating aeroplane Aeropoxy. This is the first time I have seen anything like it and I will be sure to follow your progress to see how you work your magic.


(I wonder if his chums called him "Wacky Wagner" back in the day?)



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