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A Clean Machine...CH BF109E-4

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I really like the Cyber hobby kit...seems quite accurate...save a few points...Made my own props,what's in the kit is not acceptable... to me anyway

     Found the spinner cap a bit long ,so reshaped it and scribed a front cap line(sanded off the raised rivits) also made new blast tubes.

       The under wing radiators had a noticeable step...so cut them back and blending them into the lower wing surface(made new Rad louvers as well )

Reshaped the upper MG bulges on the engine cover as well...a bit high. outside of the new props these are just small tweaks on an otherwise decent kit.

Also found the upper wing root straps are indented on the kit...filled those and added new raised straps from thin sheet,they are raised on the real machine.


     Oh!     If you haven't yet gotten your hands on any of the "YAHU" instrument panels...do so,great looking and will save you a days work,at least.

      Cheer's for now...Bill.






    Great little Inst. panels from Yahu......

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Just amazing work! About those Yahu IP's -- they look fabulous, but they're like $30? Bit too pricey for me!

Thanks a bunch guys...and for following along.

And Shaka..only paid 11.00 bucks for the Yahu Instrument panels...Sprue Brothers...bought several,Spit,Hurricane,Tempest.

At 11.00$ they are a steal.you honestly would be hard pressed to duplicate the detail.

Cheers my friend.

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Looks nice Bill, thanks for the rundown.

Just an FYI, that wasn't a blast tube on the E,

there were no engine mounted cannons on any

pre F 109s except an experimental one.

Thanks Mike......Even if the gun wasn't used or mounted it is a cannon blast tube nonetheless,sorry.

The initial design was for a cannon,but was unpopular due to recoil problems..

Good God I'm starting to sound like Jennings.

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Guest Peterpools


Terrific work on the front office and just the way I like 'em

Keep 'em coming


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Hhmmmmm, don't know why but that looks hauntingly familiar. Outstanding work Bill!


Wasn't the Emil cockpit RLM 02?






Having recently painted E4 cockpit he secretly desires: Please say yes please say yes....."


Thanks Wolf...Cockpit RLM 02? many were RLM 66, depending on when and where they were manufactured early in the war.this one was RLM 66.



Bf109B thru E-3 series: Cockpit areas are RLM Green-Gray 02 

Bf109E-4 thru K series: Cockpit areas are RLM Black-Gray 66 

Me163 series: Cockpit areas are RLM Black-Gray 66 

Me262 series: Cockpit areas are RLM Black-Gray 66 

Bf110B thru E series: Cockpit areas RLM Green-Gray 02 

Bf110F thru G series: Cockpit areas RLM Black-Gray 66 

Me210/410 series: Cockpit areas are RLM Black-Gray 66 





Hey Martin...do me a small favor and count the rivets in the fus. of this 109E..and no,bullet holes don't count. might even paint the wheel wells candy apple red.. this is just between Martin and myself.



Yeah but I am keeping the photo! :P


Oh and thanks for this educational thrill ride!  :goodjob:  :goodjob:  :goodjob:  :goodjob:  :goodjob:  :frantic:  :frantic:  :frantic:

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