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H-13H in UN Service

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Thanks for the positive comments guys. Kevin, the tubular framework was not twisted on mine but the fit between the main tubular framwork which makes a V and the top piece which closes the triangular framework was less than stellar with the top the V being too narrow for the top piece by 3mm. Installing the engine allowed me to widen a bit the top of the V but it was still too narrow, so I have to do quite a bit of sending and the some putty to make the frame seamless. Generally speaking the fit was so so except where it really counted, the bubble canopy which fitted perfectly. I was able to glue it with Bondic UV glue and it worked like a charmed. I was actually being able to finish it today and I call it done. I am actually pretty happy with the result but see for yourself. I hope you like it:









Thank you for following this build.



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I came to read the latest updates to find you've finished little Beauty.


Looks STUNNING and quite a lovely UNITED NATIONS Helicopter.







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Thanks Dutik,


The canopy was glued with UV glue, Bondic I think, really nice stuff: quite thick so easy to apply with a toothpick and cures completely transparent.



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