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AVIA C-10 a.k.a. S-99 a.k.a. Bf-109G 10/14 AS

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Thank You William, I've been working steadily on this with a few hiccups  the fuselage is ready for cockpit. I used Roy's spinner after I drilled crocket holes through it ...twice :) and also his G-10 radiator , that I modified slightly to fit. 

The nose was primed and gun slots filled and sanded in order to smother the edgy Hasegawa look . Supercharger intake is from Amur riever a great product, that comes together with it's base as it s on the real one, that saves lots of strife and foul language.



An out of focus fuselage, you can see the distressed parts in silver.


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Thank you for the encouragement guys, well this is how the story goes:

Once upon a time there was a hasegawa wing with exaggerated bulges, so Martin tried to pacified them with a sand paper. Everything looks just about right, when Martin realized that he can enhance the detail with Ciro models etched gear bays. Well that didn't work and completely eliminated Martin's previous detail work. So he had another idea, ripped it all out and use bulges from Revell kit that were a kind gift from D.B. .and then he realized that that is not as easy as it sounds because the wings were sealed with superglue .  After unpleasant notion of deprivation he decided to use main parts from trumpeter's G6 , combined with Revell's bulges and a bit of putty. Here is where he's now. :)


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