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Vought Corsair FG1-D " Lucky Gallon"


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Hey guys,


This might be a tall order for me but here goes!






I wish to depict the first racing Corsair, Cook Cleland's N°92 from the 1946 Cleveland national air races, he flew a "scarcely-modified FG1-D" to "a very honourable sixth place"



I have just ordered the Tamiya F4U-1A that I will attempt to modify into the FG1-D, it looks like the hardest part will be the frameless canopy. I had thought that surly someone has made a vac-formed canopy but I have been unable to find anything.


At this stage I am contemplating a "in flight" display, going round a pylon at full noise just off the deck.








Wish me luck!

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Hi guys,

I am suprised to see such an interest in this idea, I only hope that I can do it justice.

Building a racing Corsair is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, infact I have a 1/48 Special Hobby Super Corsair in the stash but that would be fround apon 'round here.


Unfortunately I don't have a 1/32 F4U-1A in my stash, now this problem was quickly solved yesterday thanks to BNA. However this has thrown up the first "problem" with this project.... that being my new years resolution. I had promised that there would be no new kits purchased until something worth wile was produced from my modeling den..... :whistle:   


Now BNA typically take about 10 days to get to my door so this means that no real progress will be made for some time, instead I will focus on some planning, especially as to how I will display the aircraft. There are a few thinks I need some info on if anyone can help:


1) Cleveland..... what does this place look like? Is it desert like Reno or grass? I am finding it hard to tell from old B&W photos.

2) In the 3 photo that I posted, what is the make and model of truck that has the pylon on the back? Does anyone know of a model kit for it? I really do not know old American vehicles.



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