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A-7 Canopy Correction

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Somebody recently put one on Ebay with "buy it now" for $150.  It didn't last long....


I agree with Dave above; we need to the whole nose and intake correction too.


If Paul could even produce his wonderful resin clear parts for Chris with some sort of collaboration, I think that could lead to a whole new generation of A-7 corrections, that actually might be better than the one I have.

Chris has all the tooling for the intake and canopy corrections, and Paul has the technology and know-how for the resin clear parts.     I know Im talking out of my you-know-where, because I am obviously not in Pauls nor Chris's shoes, but a collaboration seems like the most work and money cost effective way to get the complete correction set back into production.  

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I have two Zacto inlet/canopy sets finding a home on a pair of A-7Es but the project is stalled because of fear of messing up the vacform parts.


A resin windshield and canopy hood to fit the Zacto resin frames would be perfect. Yes, I'd buy two sets right now.



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It's been many months now, and still no re-release of the Zacto canopy correction (and the nose as well). Only the intake correction is available and the last Zacto's site update stated that there is no new update to the status of this reissue.


So i'm a bit despaired... Last year i bought both USAF and USN A-7 kits (with a full bunch of Aires resin sets, decals and every other stuff available), and planned to buy 2 correction sets, but no luck, i cannot start those kits as long as i dont have something to correct that Trumpy weirdness.



I have some sets to be ordered from Zactoman, so i will try to ask him for some news, but i guess it wont be very positive.

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