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Chris Wimmer

Airfix 1:24 Bf109E-3

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Hello Everybody!


Haven't been in the mood for doing anything in the past months. Got a problem with my left hand and not really looking forward to having surgery at the end of march. However, here's the good news:  :)


The kit IP comes in four parts and I've seen some on the web which were very nicely done. Nevertheless I decided to go for some PE:









The PE set does not provide levers and switches. I made them from sheet styrene, wire and the light hardening glue again.






Lower IP installed, the now completed pedals are visible below.






Also completed the seat and made the belts from lead foil. After spraying three layers of Mr. Hobby flat clear they're still too glossy to my taste... :hmmm:




Thanks for looking in!  :)



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Nicely done.  Love that.


'. . . light hardening glue . . .'

Who makes this?


Thank you.




Thank you, Mark! The glue I'm using is a german product, but there is a number of manufacturers out there. Just search for "uv hardening glue" and you surely will find one. The starter set is not expensive at all and contents a small UV-Beamer. 






A "Chris" build! Added to this the old, but still somehow magic Airfix kit! I am in!


Hi Thomas! This old kit is magic indeed. I absolutely enjoy the build- despite its age. Would love to watch a new project of yours here! Aber natürlich freuts mich wenn du zuguckst ;)  Fürstenfeldbruck schaffe ich heuer leider zeitlich nicht aber ich melde mich die Tage bei dir...    


Looking very nice so far




Thank you, Guy! This is such a nice and accurate old kit that I hope to do it justice!


I'm in as well if you don't mind. :popcorn:


Thank you Allyby! Hope you're patient, no chance at all to hit the deadline. This baby needs a lot of love!  :coolio: 






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Small update today:


This is an early Bf109E-1 which served in the spanish civil war, currently under restoration to airworthy condition at Meier Motors company. The outer fuel filler cap is removed and I found this would be an interesting detail to show on my model:




Next I searched the web for a Bf109 fuel cap and found this. Think this could be the right one:




I sandwiched four pieces of 0,5mm sheet styrene and pressed them into the fuselage curve by using a clothes peg. After curing and sanding smooth it looked like this:




The finished fuel cap:




Forward fuel cap:




Planning to join the fuselage halves tomorrow...  :)


Thank you


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Thank you, Alain and Shaka Hi!


I am using my homemade punch and die set for making small parts like this. One year ago I found it could be nice to have one, but when finished this quickly became one of the most important modelling tools I ever had. :)


The fuel cap is made from evergreen strips and odd styrene pieces. Finally I rounded the surfcace by a drop of UV glue.







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